DPRG task force "Value Creation through Communication"

The "Value Creation through Communication" task force of the German Public Relations Association (Deutsche Public Relations Gesellschaft e. V., DPRG) was set up in November 2002. A joint symposium hosted by the DPRG and the Association of PR Agencies in Germany (Gesellschaft Deutscher PR-Agenturen e. V., GPRA) sparked off broad scale discussion in Germany on the issue of communications controlling. An anthology entitled "Value Creation Through Communication" (in German, editors: Jörg Pfannenberg and Ansgar Zerfaß) summarizing the content of the event and presenting current positions was published in June 2005.

The task force subsequently focused their activities on the implementation of communications controlling. Their efforts up to early 2007 culminated in the publication of KPI consensus papers for the areas of internal communication, external communication, finance communication and marketing communication. The papers are presented to the specialist public for the first time on this website, complete with case studies illustrating communication controlling methods.

Current goals

  • Sharing information on indicators. Discussion of the KPI consensus papers
  • Screening new approaches. Sharing expertise.
  • Creating joint knowledge platforms with related professionals such as market researchers, controllers, IR managers, analysts, rating agencies
  • Sharing information and exploring alliance opportunities with related professional associations in the context of "financial communication/ value creation"
  • Promoting research in the field.


The task force meets two to three times a year. The members also remain in permanent contact on an informal basis. The group currently has 15 members from the industry, agencies and research firms. Members of the group bring their influence to bear at major industry events and conferences, and as university teachers.


The task force networks with leading experts in the field of "Value Creation through Communication" in Germany. It is interdisciplinary, working together with experts from areas such as market research, investor communication, business administration etc. Active members since 2012:

  • Dr. Christopher Storck (chairman), HERING SCHUPPENER CONSULTING
  • Dr. Mark-Steffen Buchele, buchele cc and Leipzig University
  • Ariana Fischer, ICOM GmbH
  • Maren Heltsche, AUSSCHNITT Medienbeobachtung GmbH
  • Gabriele Horcher, Möller Horcher Public Relations GmbH
  • Dr. Harald Jossé, BrandControl GmbH
  • Florian Koss, Schufa Holding AG
  • Ulrich Kurzawa, SCRIPT GmbH
  • Udo Lahm, comtract GbR
  • Arthur Majer, Commerzbank AG
  • Christoph Naucke, naucke_kommunikation GmbH
  • Manfred Piwinger, Corporate and Communications Consultant
  • Prof. Dr. Lothar Rolke, University of Applied Sciences Mainz
  • Dr. Jan Sass, Lautenbach Sass GmbH
  • Ludwig Schönefeld, HOERBIGER HOLDING AG
  • Dr. Reimer Stobbe, Munich Re Group
  • Tim Thomas, JP|KOM GmbH
  • Eike Tölle, Landau Media AG
  • Prof. Dr. Ansgar Zerfaß (department chairman), Leipzig University

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