How does communication help to create value? Can you systematically gear public relations, employee and customer communications toward achieving corporate objectives? Are the effects measurable? What methods, indicators and service providers are available?

This portal has the answers for professional communicators in the industry and agencies – professionally supported and updated by experts from Leipzig University and the "Value Creation through Communication" task force of the German Public Relations Association (Deutsche Public Relations Gesellschaft, DPRG).


Review: MetricsMan – How can we make the results count?

The book “MetricsMan. It doesn’t count unless you can count it” is written in memory of Don Bartholomew, an expert in the public relati ...

Interview: Communication measurement is a challenge all over Europe

In the first issue of the international journal “Corporate Communications” 2017 Ansgar Zerfass, Dejan Verčič and Sophia Charlotte Volk  ...

AMEC launches new Integrated Evaluation Framework

A new public relations (PR) measurement Framework has been launched by the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation ...

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