Print media analysis

1. Definition
Print media analysis is a content analysis method for evaluation of published articles in print media. It is also called media response analysis.

2. Applications
The method primarily identifies and evaluates reporting on the organization and the organization's services/products in print media. Measurement of response analysis indicates the success of press and media relations work. Alongside quantitative data on aspects such as range, position and size of article, qualitative evaluations analyze the nature of the statements made. This enables conclusions to be drawn with respect to perception of content by readers.

3. Performance
Print media analysis is based on clippings, or a collection of articles on specific issues or key words. The collation work is frequently delegated to external service providers. Quantitative data is generally performed as part of the same process (e.g. type of media, circulation, range, position, length, number of illustrations). Alongside predefined search terms, name mentions, key messages etc. may be investigated. Examples of qualitative data would include value judgments and other contexts. The data is identified and assessed on the basis of a predefined code book. As coding (in particular assessment of content) is subjective, empirical research uses special methods (reliability tests) to obtain consistent and reliable codes and hence avoid misinterpretations. Periodically repeated analyses using the same criteria indicate changes in the various parameters (e.g. value judgments, ratings).

4. Indicators

  • Affinity value
  • Acceptance quotient
  • Penetration index
  • Fairness value
  • Initiative quotient
  • Presence index
  • Response quotient
  • Text-image quotient
  • Issues quotient
  • Transfer quotient
  • Distribution value
  • Advertising equivalent value

5. Service providers in Germany
Aserto, Hannover
Ausschnitt Medienbeobachtung, Berlin
Business Wire Europe, Frankfurt/Main
convento, Neuss
Dow Jones, Frankfurt/Main
FairControl, Gräfelfing
FORSA BrandControl, Frankfurt/Main
General Media, Berlin
GESO, Bodenheim
GfK, Nürnberg
Infopaq, Kornwestheim
Ipsos, Hamburg / Mölln / Nürnberg
Kantar Media, Hamburg
Landau Media Monitoring, Berlin / Bochum
LexisNexis, Münster
Meta Communication International, Frankfurt/Main
Newbase, Hamburg
PMG Presse-Monitor GmbH, Berlin
pressrelations, Düsseldorf
Prime Europe, Mainz
Unicepta, Köln
X-Ray, Hamburg

6. Links
Douglas Gould and Company (2004): Writing a Media Analysis. [PDF, 76 KB]

Jeffrey, Angela/Jeffries-Fox, Bruce/Rawlins, Brad L. (2009): A New Paradigm for Media Analysis: Weighted Media Cost. An Addendum to: “Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE)”. [PDF, 924 KB]

7. Further reading
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8. Case studies

Please send us short texts from your projects on this topic in the same structure as the existing case studies, and more information (pdf or links) on the methods employed in as much detail as possible.

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